Malaysia To Australia Air Express

  Guide for Postal Restrictions and 

Requirements (to Australia)

1、Our air freight service includes customs clearance, no any hidden charges. For the parcel less than AU$1000, there is no duty and taxes. There will be duties and taxes for the parcel over AU$1000.


2、Starting from 1kg. Fast and stable clearance time in days.


3、The maximum weight for each parcel is 20kg, each side of length can be reach 100cm   Cubic weight=Height(cm)*length*width÷5,000

We’ll charge the greater one between actual weight and cubic weight.


4、Free insurance cover up to $200 for each parcel. For those parcels which value is more than $200, it is recommended for you to purchase additional insurance at a premium of 3% of the declared value.


5、Free picking up from our multiple warehouses in Australia and local delivery to door is available.




Restricted items

Malaysia to Australia   

Australia has strict quarantine laws in place to help minimize the risk of exotic pests and diseases entering the country. All customers must ensure that they have complied with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs) and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) regulations.

Items that are restricted include:

Ø  Firearms, weapons, ammunition, tobacco and currency.

Ø Meat, fruit, seeds, plants or animal products.

Ø  Performance and image enhancing drugs.

Ø  Medicines, or veterinary products.

Ø  Hazardous goods and illegal goods.

Ø Heritage-listed goods. For more details, please  check

Every piece of international mail is screened or x-rayed by AQIS and Customs & Border Protection officers, using detector dog teams and x-ray machines.






Rapid transit
Efficient customs
Accurate tracking
Insurance Coverage